We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!
Q: Why should I sell my vehicle through Affordable Auto Brokers?

By using our professionally managed consignment program, Consignment Pros:

  • You will get more money compared to trading it in at a traditional dealership
  • You eliminate all the hassles & hazards of a private sale (doing it yourself)
  • You will sell it faster by taking advantage of our vast marketing resources, sales expertise, active watch list & special order buyers, our TripleWin Pricing®, our network of banks & lenders.
Q: What does it cost?

We charge two flat fees:

  • Enrollment fee - upfront: $175 (photos, inspection, history report)
  • Success fee - when sells: $575 to $2,075 (based on sale price)

Sellers receive significantly more money when we sell their vehicle compared to any dealer trade allowance or instant cash offer

Q: What does your consignment program include?

Everything. We get your car inspected, photographed, listed and sold. You don’t have to do anything! Sign up, then sit back and collect the check when we sell it. We take care of buyer appointments, test drives, negotiations, arranging financing and all the title transfer, registration paperwork after your vehicle sells.

Q: What vehicles are eligible for your consignment program?

We accept cars, trucks, SUVs, vans that are in good or better condition and pass a Texas safety inspection before listing for sale. We do not accept any vehicle with branded salvage, flood, or fire titles, and we do not accept any with frame damage, unverifiable mileage or vehicles with check engine lights on.

Q: What do I need to sign up?
  • Drivers License or valid ID
  • Clean Title or payoff statement from your lender, if loan balance outstanding
  • Copy of vehicle registration
  • Proof of insurance (you must maintain insurance coverage while enrolled)
  • Sign the consignment agreement
  • Bring extra keys, maintenance records, extended warranty policy, if any
  • Minimum of ½ tank of Gas
  • Vehicle should be clean inside & out to a “display-ready” level. If needed, we offer detailing options (additional cost).
    We keep it clean & perform minor maintenance (charging battery & inflating tires) at no charge, if needed, while in program.
Q: Where is my car listed?

We post all listings on www.CarGurus.com, www.CarsForSale.com, www.Craigslist.com, 5Miles app, www.AutoShopper.com, www.FreeClassifieds.com, www.AffordableAutoBrokers.com www.CarSoup.com and others.

In addition, our dealership property is located along a convenient, high traffic street which generates a steady flow of prospective buyers, and in some cases your vehicle might be an immediate quick sale match with one of our many special order, or active watch list buyers.

Q: Do I have to leave my car with you?

No, but about 30% of our sales are generated from drive-by customers at our high traffic location, and test drive appointments are always easier if you can leave it with us.

If you can’t leave it 24/7, we will create a customized plan for you to leave your car when it is convenient. In addition to our strong internet buyer sales, you can also take advantage of our mobile consignment program using our unique car magnets and decals to advertise your car while you drive it. We coordinate test drive appointments for buyers when your car is available.

Q: What if I owe money on the car?

That is okay as long as the amount owed (bank payoff) is not more than the “agreed minimum” amount. Once we sell your vehicle, we will pay the lienholder directly from the agreed minimum amount and give you a check for any difference. If you owe more than the agreed minimum, you can still enroll in the program by having us hold the estimated difference/shortfall in escrow.

Q: About how long does it take to sell my car using Consignment Pros?

Our $175 fee runs for 60 days. There are many factors at play to answer this question, but generally, most cars (80-85%) sell within 60 days using our TripleWin Pricing® strategy. However, if it has not sold during the 60-days, you can renew for another 60 days for only $75.

Q: What is TripleWin Pricing®?

It is a proven pricing strategy based on the belief that all three parties, Seller, Buyer & Broker should emerge as “winners” and completely satisfied with the sale/purchase of your vehicle:

  • Seller – get more money, hassle-free, faster sale
  • Buyer – get a “good deal” on a quality, clean car, while being treated with respect
  • Broker - earned income for a value-added service
Q: What if I decide to sell my vehicle myself before the agreement expires?

The $175 fee is non-refundable once your vehicle is photographed and listed on the internet, but if there are no pending sales with us, you can terminate the agreement at any time.